Youth United Volunteer Army (YUVA)

Get to know more about YUVA, a project to enable individuals to work for society.


Status: Proposed, seeking fund. 
Mode: Technology, active volunteering, Government liaisons. 

YUVA in its proposed format is a robust mobile app which manages an army of volunteers from all across India into channelizing their time for public interest activities. These activities are: 

  1. Health and Medical (rescuing patients from accidents, helping patients at various hospitals, helping NGOs working in the same field) 
  2. Traffic management and Road safety (helping traffic Police department in managing the traffic on road, guiding citizens about road safety) 
  3. Governmental assistance (helping citizens at various governments offices in availing government run services, amenities and fund etc, e.g. applying for passport, availing pension, claiming help from a government run scheme) 
  4. Disaster Management (helping citizens in distress owing to any natural disasters) 
  5. Education & Career (volunteering for education related projects, helping poor understand the education structure of country, making them aware of various education options available to them, counseling them for a promising career path) 
  6. NGO assistance (helping other promising NGOs working for respective causes by providing them volunteers) 
  7. Advocacy (highlighting the issues of public interest, corruption and making efforts to resolve them using legal recourse, journalism, etc) 

Youth United is an organization which has been running various projects, contemplating on issues or causes of national importance or public interest, in different locations across India. However, Youth United has primarily shifted its focus and approach to manage social issues in the current context. YUVA is a project envisioned because of such approach. It is a robust mobile app to: 

  1. develop a huge army of volunteers from all across India from all walks of life like students, professionals, lawyers, doctors, journalists etc. 
  2. managing the time pledged by each volunteer into channelizing that for public interest activities.