Youth United Advocacy (YUA)

Get to know more about Youth United Advocacy, a project to propagate public interest matters at policy level. 


Status: Proposed, seeking fund. 
Mode: Technology, active volunteering, citizen feedback and legal recourse.

This project aims to address problems arising due to non-effective implementation of public services, infrastructure projects and matters of other public interest and to resolve them through (A) connecting these issues to concerned authorities and (B) legal recourse like PILs etc, if matter in hand is not resolved through (A).

(A) and (B) explained

(A) This project will use a website and mobile application pooled by a robust database management system. The forte of the system would be a very extensive and active user base who will be able to directly contribute to the system by reporting an issue/grievance, joining a cause, signing a petition, forming a representation, volunteering for meetings/legal proceedings, offering legal services, and by donating all of which can be done through various functionalities provided on the website and mobile application. The system will give all its users real time update on the proceedings in connection with an issue under consideration. This system shall also hold the data of various government authorities for the direct redressal of any individual’s grievance. Here technology acts as a platform for all the citizens not only to get their individual grievances being addressed but to team up for an issue of public interest. In contemporary India, where citizens barely find time to engage into activism, technology will allow them to secure their rights of social welfare and better quality of life.

(B) The matter escalated will then be taken up by the Core Committee in the following manners: 

  1.  Research- The data compiled through online portal will be augmented by comprehensive research which will be based on online information, publications, journals, feedbacks, media, legal recourse like RTI etc. 
  2. Publish- The core committee with the online portal then helps in widespread publicity of an issue to keep it in public attention. 
  3. Act- The core committee with the volunteers of online portal will act on a chosen issue by either, 
      • advocating or lobbying for a policy intervention, 
      • recommending concerned authorities the resolving steps, or 
      • opting legal recourse like PIL etc, as the case may be.
      • a constant follow-up in a systematic approach