Youth United For Animals (YUFA)

YUFA protects animal rights with its activities in the areas of feeding, sheltering, protecting and medically treating vulnerable animals.


Status: Active, seeking fund. 
Mode: Active volunteering, multi-agency liaisons.

The mission of this project is to safeguard rights of the animals who have become vulnerable to desolate living and health conditions due to excessive advancement of human race and rapid urbanisation.  YUFA aims to protect animal rights with its activities by

  1. Feeding vulnerable and hungry animals on streets or elsewhere. 
  2. rescuing animals living in desolate and dangerous conditions and
  3. providing medical care to wounded animals, 
  4. helping them getting sheltered and adopted.

This set of activities is achieved by collaborations with several individuals and NGOs who are sensitised enough for this cause. YUFA achieve several of its activities in collaboration with Feeding Animals and Rescuing Group Operations (FARGO), a group known for its selfless approach in animal welfare sector. 

Youth United is an organization which has been running various projects, contemplating on issues or causes of national importance or public interest, in different locations across India. However, Youth United has primarily shifted its focus and approach to manage social issues in the current context. YUFA is a project envisioned because of such approach.