Goodwill India

Get to know more about Goodwill India, a comprehensive fund collected from individuals, corporates being allocated to deserving NGOs.

Goodwill India

Status: Proposed, seeking fund. 
Mode: Technology, fund collection and allocation, NGO monitoring.

Goodwill India brings together the power of ‘technology’ and ‘people’ to enable crowdfunding for non-profit organisations (NGOs) across India, working on noble causes such as Education, Children’s Welfare, Women Empowerment, Environment and Animal Welfare.

Numerous NGOs in India work for common (overlapping) social causes. The need of the hour for these NGOs is to work in a streamlined manner in order to multiply their social impact. This can be achieved by developing or utilizing technology, operational, and HR expertise.
Our vision is to channelize fundraising and remove any redundancy or unethical practices in the Indian social welfare sector – to bring efficiency, discipline, ethics, and measurability in fundraising activities.

A simple 3-stepped approach to effective fundraising!

1. Generate: Our technology platform, Goodwill India generates a comprehensive pool of funds through 360 degree contributor reach 

  • Individuals – People looking for meaningful avenues to contribute monetarily in the form of donation 
  • Government – State and Centre Government departments which allocate fund for social welfare projects
  • Corporates – Under Section 135 of Indian Companies Act 2013, Corporates are now required to establish a Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) fund to be donated to NGOs.

2. Allocate: Raised funds are allocated to NGOs working on a social cause of contributor’s choice. 

  • Smart algorithms allow selection of a social cause, recipient persona, and location 
  • Layer of experts validation to ensure correctness 

3. Monitor: A competent on-field team tracks allocated fund and ensures its optimum and honest usage

  • Regular usage reports accessible to the respective contributors 
  • Enlisted beneficiary NGOs inspected and verified on parameters such as:
    -Ethical usage of funds
    -Ethics in team management
    -Efficiency in operations
    -Proper maintenance of accounts